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30+ Happy Valentine’s Day Wishes, Quotes, and Greeting for Lovers

Happy Valentine's Day Wishes, Quotes, Images, and Greeting for Lovers, Husband, Wife, Boyfriend, Girlfriend and many more.

Hey! Guys so Valentine’s Day is around the corner. You must be very eager to spend this day with your love and want to send romantic Valentine’s Day Wishes to your partner. So you are at the right place to search Valentine’s Day Wishes for your loved ones.

Every year on 14th February we celebrate Valentine’s Day with our loved ones. But do you know there is a rich history behind this celebration on 14th February? Come let us know about it. Valentine’s Day is celebrated as the feast day of Roman Saint Valentine. Western Christianity celebrates it on 14th February and Eastern Orthodox celebrates it on 6th July. Saint Valentine was a clergyman from the 3rd century Roman Empire. He was martyred and was buried on 14th February. From the 8th century, this day is observed as Valentine’s Day which is generally observed to celebrate courtly love.

Many people have tried to define love in many ways, still, we cannot define love. Many of us cannot express what we feel for the people we love. Some of us fumble to say small things from ‘I love you’ or ‘Happy Valentine’s Day my Love’. We, at Shlokpedia, have arranged a wide variety of customized Valentine’s Day Wishes for lovers.

Valentine’s Day Wishes for Lovers

You must be very eager to spend this day with your lover.  To make your Valentine’s Day with your Lover even more romantic we have got you some beautiful wishes. We hope you have a really Happy Valentine’s Day with your Lover.

  1. To love you is loving sunshine on a winter morning. To love you is loving rain after a scorching day. To love you is listening to the cuckoo sing. I will love you come whatever may. Happy Valentine’s Day my love.
  2. It is not only about today; when they talk about love I celebrate you. Happy Valentine’s Day my Love.
  3. When I am with you, every day is valentine’s day and the day when the world celebrates love I want you to know that you are the best thing that happened in my life. Happy Valentine’s Day Love.
  4. Happy Valentine’s Day Love. Through thick and thins I wish you stay with me and make my every day bright.
  5. You have been the perfect lover anyone could ever think of. I am lucky to have you as my lover. Happy Valentine’s Day my Love.

Valentine’s Day Quotes, and for Husband

They say that love vanishes after you get married. But we don’t believe that. We know love only grows with every passing year. Let the love between you and your Husband blooms this valentine’s day even more. Here we have some special valentine’s day wishes that you can say to your husband and make him fall in love with you all over again.

  1. The day we first met, I knew you were the king of my heart. As we have vowed a lot of things during our wedding I promise to you to hold your hands and love you forever and more. Happy Valentine’s Day dear Husband.
  2. When there was light all around, everything shiny and glittery many were there beside me but when there was darkness all around it was only you beside me and that is why I will never stop loving you, Mr. Husband. Happy Valentine’s Day dear Husband.
  3. When I wake up in the morning I want you beside me…. when I go to sleep all I want you beside me. You are not my routine you are my nature. Happy Valentine’s Day dear Husband.
  4. You are not my support system you are the foundation of my life. I love you with all my heart and soul and I love you every day. Happy Valentine’s Day dear Husband.
  5. I don’t care if the world outside hates me as long as you love me because you are my world. Happy Valentine’s Day dear Husband.

Valentine’s Day Wishes, and Quotes for  Wife

The world says a woman’s beauty is lost after her marriage but we know you still find your wife to be the most beautiful woman.  We have got you some beautiful quotes that can complement your wife appropriately.

  1. I don’t remember a day since our marriage when I didn’t look at you and never thought how you can be so beautiful every day. Happy Valentine’s day my beautiful Wife.
  2. You trusted me when nobody believed me you are my everything. Every day seems like heaven when I am with you. I will always love you. Happy Valentine’s Day to you my wife.
  3. You are not only my wife. You are my life, my valentine. And I am very lucky to have you in my life. I love you with all my heart. Wish you a very Happy Valentine’s day my wife.
  4. Every day I pray to the almighty that we are not separated ever because living with you is worse than death. I love you to the moon and back. Happy valentine’s day my wife.
  5. You are everything thing that I have ever wished for. I will never let you down and I promise to love you every day. Happy valentine’s day to the best wife.

Valentine Wishes for Your Boyfriend

Love is always special be it after marriage or when you are not married. To be with the person of our dreams is something that many of us still dream for. But if you are with that person, if he already stole your heart, commonly say it to him today. Make him feel special because he is special to you.

We have a range of original quotes, especially for your boyfriend. Now go and make him feel special.

  1. Life has been unconditionally kind to me that I met a boy like you. I treasure you today and I want to treasure you forever. I promise to love you every day. Happy Valentine’s Day Mr. boyfriend.
  2. All I am is in love. All I am in YOUR love. All I want to be is your love. Happy valentine’s day Mr. love.
  3. I may be childish and stubborn with you. I may fight with you, I may be super angry with you but that’s because you are everything I have. This Valentine’s day I say out loud that I love you the most. Happy Valentine’s Day Mr. Boyfriend.
  4. I know how much busy we are, how far away we are from each other, our soul is always connected. We will always be in love forever. Happy Valentine’s Day Mr. Boyfriend.
  5. I was always doubtful if I could love you enough if I could be as good a lover as you are but you made yourself my comfort zone where I can be me. I love you the most for that. Happy Valentine’s Day boyfriend.

Valentine Wishes for Girlfriend

If you are also one of the lucky boys who got their princess in their life then this day must be special for you. You must be planning a lot for her and you must be looking for some romantic quotes for her. We got you. Here are some simple, yet romantic quotes for your girlfriend.

  1. To the girl of my dream, you are one I have always loved and cared for. I promise you to love me, even more, every coming day. Be with me for always as my Valentine.
  2. I have seen you growing up from a little girl to a young lady and I am astonished as to how graceful and beautiful you have grown up to be. All I want is to explore you even more. Happy Valentine’s Day my girlfriend.
  3. Every time I am with you I am lost in you. And when I am not with you all I want is you. I love you so much. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  4. I can leave everything for you but cannot think of living without you. You are not only my girlfriend you are my necessity. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  5. This Valentine’s Day all I want to say to you. Maybe I am an imperfect person but with you, we can make a perfect love story. Happy Valentine’s day my girlfriend.

Valentine’s Day quotes for Friends

Who says valentine’s Day is only for husbands –wives, boyfriends – girlfriends?  This day is celebrated for love even love for friends. And if you want to make your friends special as well then we have some special quotes for your friends.

  1. This valentine’s day I want you to know that you are my source of energy, my cup of coffee. On this bright day, I want to wish all my love and goodness to the person who makes my every day bright. Happy valentine’s day friend.
  2. You are not only my best friend, you are my support system. All I wish is with every passing year our bond only grows stronger. Happy valentine’s day friend
  3. If Tom has Jerry. I have you. We fight, we argue but we are inseparable. Happy valentine’s day friend
  4. Since day one you always believed in me and supported me. this is all I want in my friend. Happy valentine’s day friend
  5. On this day I wish everyone gets a best friend like you but I am not sharing you with anyone. Happy valentine’s day friend.

We from Shlokpedia wish you all a warm valentine’s day. Be you all in love, be you all be with the person you love. May all your love get glorified and may your love increase every day.

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